A Tale of Two Cultures: Islam And The West

taleof2culturesISBN: 978-0-9824982-0-0

By Mark Walia

This unique book reveals an unpleasant truth: Islam and the West are destined to eternal conflict because the two cultures hold irreconcilable views on the purpose of human life itself. Knowing beyond doubt that the universe has a Creator who intends to judge each of us in the hereafter, Muslims seek, first and foremost, to maximize humanity‚Äôs prospects of attaining heaven and avoiding the fires of hell. In contrast, Westerners, increasingly secular and dubious about supernatural claims, are bent upon maximizing individual happiness and wellbeing in this life. That enormous clash of worldviews leads Muslims and Westerners to utter disagreement on every major issue today–freedom of expression, religious liberty, female sexuality, terrorism, and gay rights.