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Father’s Press is a rapidly-growing, full-service publishing company dedicated to publishing well written works by dynamic, energetic new authors who are frustrated with the endless barriers that have historically locked talented authors out of the writing profession. The company was founded by author Mike Smitley specifically to publish his novels, but has rapidly grown to be a springboard for other writers.

After years of having doors slammed in his face by large publishing companies and agents, Mike resorted to one of the countless print on demand printers who overcharged him for little more than facilitating the printing of his books, then set the price of his books so high that they would not be competitive at the retail level. With no other options available, Mike started his own company to publish his books.

He then recognized the value of a small publisher who would mentor and coach new writers. He not only reviews manuscripts for publication, but he edits, coaches and mentors new writers and gives them an honest assessment of their work’s marketability.

Father’s Press has published works for dynamic authors such as Mary Kinney Branson, Pastor Charles Scheele, Daniel Lance Wright, Dr. Jerome Goddard, Ron Bourque, L.Scott Smith, Larry M. Tobin, Ryan J. Murphy, Lee B. Baker and many others. With its stable of authors growing, Father’s Press stands poised to assume a major role in helping new authors break into the writing profession and become one of the premier small publishers in the country.

We have recently opened a new branch of Father’s Press. We now publish E-Books for new authors who want to explore the market for their books without the large up-front expense of printing hard copy books. Click on the icon to go to the E-Book Publishing page.

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Father’s Press is a member of CSPN (Christian Small Publishers Association), and is listed in THE WRITERS MARKET.

RETURN POLICY Father’s Press has a money-back guarantee on all books sold. We will refund the wholesale price, (excluding shipping and handling) within 60 days for all books found to be defective or damaged as a result of carelessness on the part of Father’s Press. For compensation for books damaged in transit, contact the carrier who delivered the books. Call or write to Father’s Press prior to packing or shipping for instructions.

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