angelby Anne E. Sonnack-Garcia

When Darkness comes to Riverside, California, it finds many students unprotected from its evil influence at a local high school. Lying in wait he preys upon those teens most vulnerable to manipulation. In the turmoil of bullying, cyber bullying, drug abuse and pregnancy, four teens are pushed to the brink of life altering decisions. Angel arrives in answer to prayers for help. They are told they can turn to God in prayer and He will help them through their toughest battles in life. All they need to do is believe.

Riverside, California is a quiet community, until the darkness arrives to start trouble at a local high school. Michelle has lived through her parent’s divorce and her mother’s hard fall into addiction. Resentful of her father’s happiness in his second marriage, she has made some bad choices in her life. When the opportunity presents itself to steal a fellow cheerleader’s boyfriend, she goes on the attack in an attempt to destroy the girl.

Brian, a physically slight young man, has been bullied for years. All his pleas for help from his parents and teachers have been futile. Taking matters into his own hands, he will soon be rid of those who have tormented him.

Pam is deeply in love with the star football player at their high school. He has proclaimed his love to her for years, but a change reveals his true self to be callous and selfish.

In answer to prayers a mysterious young man named Angel intervenes in their lives. He leads them one by one to Abiding Presence where a small group of Christians try to assist them in their struggles against evil.