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The E-Book branch of Father’s Press has just been added. As books are published in this format, they will be listed here. Our print books currently available in E-Book format are listed under the Publications tab on the Home page and most can all be purchased through www.smashwords.com. They will be available on all popular E-Book readers in the very near future. Please use the search engines of Smashwords or your favorite E-Book distributor for the title or author that interests you. The most popular distributors where the below listed E-Books are listed are: Amazon, Sony, Apple, Kobo, Google, Diesel and Barnes & Noble.


IMPLIED CONTRACT by Mike Smitley:   A rare glimpse inside a complex homicide investigation involving a seria sniper. Buy at: Amazon                                


GHOST HUNT– The Sequel: by Mike Smitley. The sequel to IMPLIED CONTRACT. It picks up with the reappearance of a killer determined to exact revenge on the people who exposed him and drove him out of the area. Buy at: Amazon, Sony, Apple, Kobo, Google, Diesel, Barnes & Noble


PREY by Mike Smitley. A displaced detective undertakes the investigation of a series of murders in northwestern Idaho only to be caught up in a fight for his very survival in the bitter-freezing wilderness. Buy at: Amazon, Sony, Apple, Kobo, Google, Diesel, Barnes & Noble


DEAD FILES by Mike Smitley. A cold, dusty concrete bunker two stories below the police station is the final resting place for unsolved crimes. An inexperienced patrol officer is faced with the daunting task of unraveling a complex series of murders that were laid to rest years after expert detectives had given up on them. By accident, Gabriel Kinnett stumbles onto the missing link that reveals an unbelievable widespread conspiracy and threatens the lives and careers of everyone involved. An entire city is suspended in fear with deadly results. Buy at: Amazon, Sony, Apple, Kobo, Google, Diesel, Barnes & Noble


OUR MISSING: Lest We Forget by Mike Smitley. For anyone who has ever raised a child, there is a deep, subconscious anxiety that lingers just under the surface of every joy and triumph. That fear is the constant threat to that child from a multitude of sources such as accident, illness, corruption and most of all, the threat of abduction. To varying degrees, we in Americahave become desensitized to the barrage of crime and corruption that bombard us daily in the media, but all ears perk up when it involved the disappearance of a small child. Buy at: Amazon, Sony, Apple, Kobo, Google, Diesel, Barnes & Noble


THE ENGLISH MAN by Mike SmitleyTHE ENGLISH MAN is a frightening tale of dark spirits weaving themselves throughout a serial murder investigation in a Missouri Amish community while attempting to alter prophesied events already set in stone by God before the creation of either man or angels. Buy at: Amazon, Sony, Apple, Kobo, Google, Diesel, Barnes & Noble


SOUL OF AMERICAN WARRIORS by Elizabeth Kilbride. This eye-opening deployment of an independent journalist with the U.S. Marines is an honest depiction of the nature and character of our men and women in uniform and a true assessment of America’s military policy in the Middle East. Buy at: Amazon, Sony, Apple, Kobo, Google, Diesel, Barnes & Noble


DISTURBING QUESTIONS – Has God Stopped Blessing America? by Ronald J. Bourque:   A practical analysis of the effects of abortion on American culture, business and economics. Buy at: Amazon, Sony, Apple, Kobo, Google, Diesel, Barnes & Noble


RICH MAN’S WAR – POOR MAN’S FIGHT  by Daniel Thompson A fascinating story of two Scot-Irish families who immigrate to America only to become embroiled in a bitter Civil War. Buy at: Amazon, Sony, Apple, Kobo, Google, Diesel, Barnes & Noble


BORDERLAND WAR by Daniel Thompson.  A timely, revelent and enlightening story about the drug war, illegal immigration and terrorism along the southern border of the United States. Buy at: Amazon, Sony, Apple, Kobo, Google, Diesel, Barnes & Noble


MORMONISM: A Life Under False Pretenses by Lee B. Baker. A detailed and Biblically accurate side-by-side comparison of the doctrine of Mormon and the Bible resulting in the exposure of a dangerous doctrine laced with lies, hypocrisy and corruption. Buy at: Amazon, Sony, Apple, Kobo, Google, Diesel, Barnes & Noble


FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS by Janice A. Herring  In 1529 a battle for power raged across Europe between Catholics and Protestants, King Henry VIII and Pope Clement VII. The truth in Holy Scriptures is hidden behind rituals, lies and ignorance. In the midst of this chaos a young Protestant Englishwoman and an ambitious Catholic barrister are challenged to make difficult spiritual choices – even if it costs their love for each other. Buy at: Amazon, Sony, Apple, Kobo, Google, Diesel, Barnes & Noble


ANGEL by Anne E. Sonnack-Garcia In the turmoil of bullying, cyber bullying, drug abuse and pregnancy, four teens are pushed to the brink of life altering decisions.   Angel arrives in answer to prayers for help. Buy at: Amazon, Sony, Apple, Kobo, Google, Diesel, Barnes & Noble

CHILDREN OF GOD by Anne E. Sonnack-Garcia Evil is on the prowl again wreaking havoc first in the war-torn middle east searching for those victims who are weak and worn down to use and manipulate. While there, it finds and tries to destroy two American soldiers who are returning to their base camp. Their vehicle is destroyed by a roadside bomb and they are both taken captive by the enemy. Buy at: Amazon, Sony, Apple, Kobo, Google, Diesel, Barnes & Noble 


SELLING GOD’S WAY: The Best Way To Maximize Your income And Business Relationships by Michael P. Hamer Selling God’s Way is the first book that explains how to apply the word of God to all aspects of selling, regardless of whom we sell to, what we sell, when we sell, where we sell, why we sell, and how we sell. When should I approach a prospect? What shouldI include in a presentation? How much should I charge? These are just a few questions in which the Bible contains the best answer. The Bible contains the best way to behave in any selling situation. Buy at: Amazon, Sony, Apple, Kobo, Google, Diesel, Barnes & Noble


THE MANUMISSION OF EZRA MCINTOSH by James B. Herd. The Manumission of Ezra McIntosh is a historical novel depicting the evolution of the relationship of a Missouri slave (who would have his freedom) and his indulgent master (who would hold him to his services). Buy at: Amazon, Sony, Apple, Kobo, Google, Diesel, Barnes & Noble 


The Lost Mandate by  Dan’l C. Markham   The Lost Mandate highlights a rarely seen facet on the diamond of genuine Christianity – appealing to seekers while challenging and fulfilling believers to their core. Beware! Your spiritual metal will be severely tested, determining if you want Christianity in its raw and radical form. By embracing it you will be turning religious attitudes and weaknesses on their heads. An alarm will be sounded, awakening that thing inside you that wants the authentic, the real Jesus. Buy at: Amazon, Sony, Apple, Kobo, Google, Diesel, Barnes & Noble 


Let’s Go To Israel by Rick Hill   This guide is useful whether you are traveling to Israel with a group or studying about Israel in your home. It is filled with practical information that will enhance your tour experience and deepen your personal knowledge of the Land of the Bible and Bible times.  It is designed to help both young and mature Christ-followers to grow in their knowledge of the Scriptures. But it can be used by anyone interested in knowing more about Israel, Christ-follower or not. Buy at , Sony, Apple, Google Diesel, Barnes & Noble.

Prayer, Faith and a Bit of Chocolate by Marie Gortler, Diane Vogel and Salley Bachar   The stories in this book are about prayer and trust in God. Turning to God in everyday living and especially in difficult times, acknowledges our trust in Him and our complete dependence on Him. Available through Amazon, Sony, Apple, Kobo, Google, Diesel, Barnes & Noble

Missionaries, Mercenaries, Misfits: by Russell and Patricia Wolford.   In 1986, Mogadishu, Somalia, was the safest capital in Africa. The people were nomads and their world view was different than that of Westerners. Somalia was an isolated and unique place. It was partitioned by the colonial powers of England, Italy and France.  A return to Somalia in 1994 was vastly different than our introduction to Somalia in the previous decade.  A civil war had broken out, and Somalia was in chaos.   Available through AmazonSonyAppleKoboGoogleDieselBarnes & Noble

The Trees Of Eden by Fred Allen. Christians consistently decide what is good and evil based on their own knowledge and conscience instead of looking at or pointing people to Jesus Christ. Much of the time judgments follow their knowledge, and they condemn anyone and everyone they deem to be evil. When this happens, the life and actions of the Lord Jesus Christ are no longer the standard by which Christians live their lives. by Available through   AmazonSonyAppleKoboGoogleDieselBarnes & Noble

Bee-Lieve Me God Has A Plan For You by Donna Riley  Can a bee talk God’s language?  That’s what Arianna wants to know when her grandmother, Meems, gets back from a camping trip and tells Arianna about the bee that flew into her camp and “spoke” to her. Available through   AmazonSonyAppleKoboGoogleDieselBarnes & Noble


It Only Takes One by Donna Riley   What do Jesus’ disciples have in common with the birds at Meems and Arianna’s feeder. Arianna is about to find out!  Available through   AmazonSonyAppleKoboGoogleDieselBarnes & Noble

Hang On Mrs. Robin by Donna Riley  With a huge storm approaching, Arianna fears the worst for Mrs. Robin and her babies high up in the old tree. The next morning, finding the broken branch where the nest was on, Arianna learns a  true lesson in faith.   Available through   AmazonSonyAppleKoboGoogleDieselBarnes & Noble


9500 Riggs Rd. by Donna Riley. Albert Brown, a WWII veteran, drives a cab in Washington DC. One day Albert sees a beautiful young woman waiting at the bus stop and offers her a ride home, free, in his cab. Reluctantly, the young woman, Lucy, accepts. Albert being “foot loose and fancy free” begins a romance with reluctant, Lucy, a back woods southern Baptist away from home for the first time. Shortly afterwards, an unexpected pregnancy happens, which changes both of their lives forever. Available through   AmazonSonyAppleKoboGoogleDieselBarnes & Noble