Children of God

children-of-godby Anne E. Sonnack-Garcia

Evil is on the prowl again wreaking havoc first in the war-torn middle east searching for those victims who are weak and worn down to use and manipulate. While there, it finds and tries to destroy two American soldiers who are returning to their base camp. Their vehicle is destroyed by a roadside bomb and they are both taken captive by the enemy. The family of one of the soldiers joins with the members of Abiding Presence Church in Riverside to pray for his safe return. Returning to Beachside city in California, the dark demon moves about creating conflicts for a military family on the local base. Captain Chris Scott is suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and has become a danger to both himself and his family. Meanwhile the world has started to experience shared visions, dreams, and signs from God signaling a change to life as we know it. The separation among those who know God and those who choose not to, is becoming obvious. The lines are being drawn for a future battle between Good and Evil.