Disturbing Questions: Has God Stopped Blessing America?

disturbing questionsISBN: 978-0-9795394-0-4

 By Ron Bourque

Our Balance of Trade has been negative since the early ‘70’s and getting increasingly worse. Our national debt is unprecedented; we can no longer afford our lifestyles.  We’re embroiled in a war against terror, and natural disasters are taking greater tolls. We no longer feel we can trust anyone, especially our political and business leaders.

Although we’ve always had problems, this massive downward slide seems to have started right after Roe vs. Wade! Could this be more than just coincidence? Is it possible God has stopped Blessing America, despite the popularity of the Irving Berlin song, since our acceptance of legalized abortion?

As recent Supreme Court Justice confirmation hearings have shown, abortion is the most controversial topic in America! Beyond controversial, it’s deeply emotional.  Additionally, we are losing jobs to operations offshore in record numbers! Our unemployed and underemployed are two of our fastest growing classes. Could it be that abortion has consequences beyond the convenient disappearance of unwanted pregnancies?



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