Dr. Dan Hale

Dan HaleSmallAuthor of Feel Younger, Stronger, Sexier: The life saving truth about Bio-Identical Hormones.

Can someone be caring and professional … and yet be on the cutting edge of medicine at the same time?

Dr. Dan Hale can!

He began family practice in 1977, treating many patients for a myriad of diseases.

He was introduced to Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy in 2004. That introduction changed his entire view of medical practice. He began to reconsider the serious side effects of traditional medicines and drugs, especially synthetic hormone treatments such as Premarin and Provera. From the life-changing results in the first patient he treated with BHRT, to the thousands of patients since then, Dr. Hale has seen the benefits of this treatment in making patients feel “younger, stronger and sexier.”

Dr. Hale is a world-wide leader in the BHRT movement. He clearly explains the application and benefits of these new and proven treatments in this practical, well-written book.

Dr. Hale and his wife of fifty years live in near Knoxville, Tennessee and have five children and eighteen grandchildren. He frequently goes to third-world countries on medical missions trips.