Elizabeth Kilbride

betty-2Author of SOUL OF AN AMERICAN WARRIOR: A Writer’s Journey Comes Full Circle

Ms. Kilbride is a seasoned professional who has achieved multiple levels of success in Washington, DC. As a former consultant and lobbyist for the military and defense industry, she was instrumental in helping to determine and fulfill revenue requirements related to military and defense initiatives. Having grown up in a very strong New York military family, her passion and love for those who serve in uniform, lead her on a path to work closely with the United States Marine Corps, United States Army, United States Navy, and various veterans’ organizations throughout her career.

Her expertise and extensive knowledge of the military gave her the advantage in leveraging government and private sector resources for programs to benefit those who serve in uniform, both on the streets at home and around the world.

Throughout  her career, Ms. Kilbride has been instrumental in helping various military and veteran’s organizations bring about changes with respect to national defense, national security and veterans benefit issues. Because of her involvement in over 300 political campaigns, she gained the respect of both political parties in Washington, DC. Knowing the social, economic and political ramifications affecting our military forces, she was invited to speak before both Congressional and Veterans Affairs Committees in support of national defense and veterans benefits. Her background and passion gained her an invitation from the United States Marine Corps to join them as the first embedded media to deploy as a member of a unit as they entered Iraq. Ms. Kilbride currently resides in Northern Virginia.