Faith vs. Science

faith vs scienceISBN: 978-0-9779407-8-3

FAITH vs. SCIENCE: The Unnecessary Dichotomy will help clarify the debate on science and religion and (hopefully) provide a safe middle ground for discussion of this issue in various educational curricula. The author, Dr. Jerome Goddard, is a world recognized scientist and a leading authority on entomology for the Mississippi Department of Health in Jackson, MS. He lectures and consults on numerous issues world-wide and is the author of a best selling book on medical entomology.

Scientific advances over the past 150 years have created a dilemma for Christians who try to live a life of faith in an increasingly secular world.  Many scientific findings seem directly opposed to the Christian faith.  Further, recent technological advances such as stem cell research and cloning pose serious moral and ethical questions.  How does a Christian respond to complex scientific facts and theories? This book, written by a scientist, explains current scientific phenomena in light of Christian teaching and will help the reader integrate faith and reason.