Feel Younger, Stronger, Sexier

feel-younger-strongerFeel Younger, Stronger, Sexier: The Life-Saving Truth about Bio-Identical Hormones
by Dr. Dan Hale

Are you tired? Stressed? Losing interest in sex? Feeling the effects of aging? You want medical help – but you’ve heard the dangers of cancer-causing synthetic hormones.

Then this book is for you! “Feel Younger, Stronger, Sexier” tells you how to do that! Writing to both women and men, Dr. Dan Hale describes how the first signs of aging are related to declining sex hormones produced in the ovaries and testicles. That decline begins by age thirty-five and continues for the next fifty years.

But through Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, these essential hormones can be replaced. The proven results? More energy, muscle development, mental clarity, increased sexual passion and ability, relief from depression and anxiety, protection from cardiovascular disease, aid in controlling diabetes, relief from hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms – and many other benefits!

This book explains the extreme safety benefits of bio-identical hormones compared to the dangerous, cancer-causing synthetic hormones commonly used in traditional therapy.

In short … this book can save your life!