Holy Man Secular Job

holyman secularjobISBN: 978-0-9795394-9-7

By Tom May

Have you ever wondered if the Lord really cares about where you work? Does He place value on your career? Does it make any difference to Him if you are a plumber or a pilot? Does He love pastors, evangelists and missionaries more than others? Does God view your job as being something more than just the source of a paycheck? Is being here on this job part of God’s intentional plan or is it just filler in between becoming an adult and going to Heaven?

Most committed Christians have a desire to live their lives in a manner that would ignite a desire in their co-workers to follow Christ. However, their examples tend to be either the “soap box lunchroom preacher” or the “silent witness.” Most of these Christians do not identify with either extreme. They are longing for practical ways to take what they are experiencing in their hearts and display it to those on their jobs.

In this book, I address these questions as well as many of the issues that most Christians grapple with throughout their careers. I believe that where we work and how we view our jobs has the possibility of having eternal significance. Therefore, God is very interested in our career and where we work. Our occupation is not just an afterthought in the mind of God.