Is Caesar Our Savior?

caesarISBN: 987-0-9833739-0-2

Is Caesar Our Savior? explores the pattern of government dependency and ultimately oppression in the Biblical witness, highlighted by Israel’s desire for a King and God’s warning that the King would oppress them and take the very best of their work and property. This same pattern is shown in recent history where oppressive governments have often followed a weak and ineffective Church. As the Church in America has accepted a cameo role in keeping the land, we struggle with an ever-expanding government that increasingly seeks to form hearts and minds according to their own conception of fairness and justice.

I have attempted to frame this argument through what I believe are three underappreciated and unyielding truths that exist at the intersection of government and Gospel.

·       A weak Church is not the victim of an evil society.  An evil society is the victim of a weak Church.

·       Oppressive powers are aided and abetted as the Church refuses her call to live out the Gospel.

·       A Spirit-filled Church is the best hope for a free society.