Job Experiences God

job godISBN: 978-0-9795394-8-0

By Keith Kaynor

Job thought he had the world on a string. Sometimes we have felt that way. Prior to his suffering, life had been easy for Job to understand. Suddenly he was plunged into mystery. Our lives, previously sunny, have cascaded down into mysterious fog. Job battled guilt — we have battled guilt. Job had the feeling that God was disappointed in him — we face that one, too.

Job is our man for all seasons, all situations. Name it, and Job has experienced it. Job tells the truth. It is almost impossible to pervert Job into pious pabulum. He is unreducible. He refuses to be sanitized. Job is uncut, unedited, uncensored. Raw Job. I call my friend Job spiritual sushi.

Job takes us to the top and bottom of our emotional register. Like Job, the person of faith knows what it is to be torn apart by the enormity of God.


Some readers can’t identify with Job. Life has been fairly easy and they have done well. Yet for the person who struggles and agonizes, the very darkness in the Bible is Its gold. The presence in Scripture of a book so difficult, chaotic and tumultuous is a comfort to the suffering, since it brings reassurance that misery’s case is being presented.

This book says to the believer, “Don’t be surprised if you find yourself confused, doubting, afflicted and crushed. That does not mean God is against you. More is happening than you know.”