Mary Kinney Branson

MaryAuthor of SPENDING GOD’S MONEY: Extravagance and Misuse In The Name Of Ministry Revised Fourth Printing

Mary Kinney Branson is the former editing director for the Home Mission Board and former marketing director for the North American Mission Board (agencies of the Southern Baptist Convention, the nation’s largest Protestant denomination). During the 16 years she served in these two positions, she observed many dedicated workers who operated with financial integrity. But she also observed leaders who misused millions of dollars in contributors’ money. The extravagance and misuse she witnessed were the basis for her 17th book, SPENDING GOD’S MONEY, published January 2007 by Father’s Press.

SPENDING GOD’S MONEY is an insider’s look at how money can be wasted if a religious organization lacks constant scrutiny and total financial disclosure. It will open the reader’s eyes to the dangers of giving blindly to large faceless agencies.

But this book goes a step farther. It offers a plan to take giving back to the effective, fulfilling worship experience God created it to be.

“I’m not a theologian, and I’m not particularly political,” states the book’s author. “But I believe I was placed at NAMB ‘for such a time as this.’ 

“Most NAMB staff were required to sign a waiver—a gag order of sorts—when they left. I was a director—the level just under a VP—and I left under positive circumstances. I was one of the few who wasn’t asked to sign the waiver, and I was a professional writer. All this placed me in a unique position.”

Mary Branson did her undergraduate work at Indiana University and graduate work at Georgia State University. She is married to her high school sweetheart, Jack. They have two children and two grandchildren.  Her websites are and