Mike Smitley


Mike Smitley was born in Kansas City, Missouri and is a retired police chief with over thirty years of service in all capacities of law enforcement. He graduated from Park University with a B.S and  Masters Degree in Criminal Justice and Administration of Public Affairs. He currently resides in Missouri with his wife and two sons. He has a broad base of experience in all fields of public safety and municipal government and utilizes this knowledge in his writing of mystery novels and Christian fiction. 

Mike started Father’s Press as a venue for his own writing, but quickly found that there are many outstanding writers who are tired of butting their heads against the locked doors of the writing industry. He not only continues to write his own novels, but he consults on other literary works and publishes relevant, contextual works that are well-written by authors with vision and a sound marketing strategy. To contact Mike, call (816) 600-6288 or go to mike@fatherspress.com.

Mike has written six novels, all now in print. He started Father’s Press in the spring of 2006, which has rapidly grown to be one of the premier small presses in the country. For more information, see “Submission Guidelines”.

He assumed the duties of Chief of Police in a small town in northern Wisconsin, then moved to Kansas where he was a police chief of a larger department. He later administered a drug task force before retiring for good and dedicating himself to writing novels and establishing Father’s Press.

Mike has a Bachelor of Science Degree in criminal justice and a Master’s degree in administration of public affairs. His experience as a chief of police affords him a perspective on homicide investigation not normally seen by most homicide investigators. In his books, Mike expertly blends his insight into municipal governments and homicide investigative techniques into thrilling suspense novels about the most difficult, complex and challenging homicide investigations facing law enforcement today.

In Mike’s thirty year career, he became familiar with countless people and scenerios that lend realism to his writing. Although his writing is ficticious, it is based to some degree on reality.

Mike can be reached at  mike@fatherspress.com. Contact him for a discount on any of his novels, IMPLIED CONTRACT, PREY and DEAD FILES, GHOST HUNT, OUR MISSING AND THE ENGLISH MAN.