Our Missing by Mike Smitley

our missingISBN: 9787-0-9795394-4-2

By Mike Smitley

For anyone who has ever raised a child, there is a deep, subconscious anxiety that lingers just under the surface of every joy and triumph. That fear is the constant threat to that child from a multitude of sources such as accident, illness, corruption and most of all, the threat of abduction.

To varying degrees, we in America have become desensitized to the barrage of crime and corruption that bombard us daily in the media, but all ears perk up when it involves the disappearance of a small child. Jon Lowe is one of those parents who are living the hell that we all dread. His son, Tommy, is taken from his mother in a crowded mall, thrusting both parents into a nightmare that never seems to end.

To add to his frustration, Jon is a police officer and knows all too well the flaws of the justice system and the myriad of complexities that hamstring searchers for these lost children. He is also aware of the heartbreaking fate that many of these children suffer.

Walk with Jon as he fights his way through the nightmare that all parents pray will never happen. See first hand from inside the investigation how cleverly a cunning murderer can capitalize on the complacency of others and quickly put even grown adults under his control. OUR MISSING is a story of faith that should be read by everyone who cares about children.