Pastor Charles Scheele


Charles Scheele graduated from Pillsbury Baptist Bible College in 1979 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Bible and Patorology. In 1983 he graduated from Central Baptist Theological Seminary with a Master of Divinity degree.

He has been a pastor from 1987 to the present. He has pastored two churches during that time, both churches being struggling churches that had almost closed their doors because of the previous pastors’ behavior. From 1997 to 2000, while pastoring his second church, he served as a temporary chaplain at Lincoln Hills School, a juvenile prison in the state of Wisconsin.

While at his first church he held Bible studies at the Blackwell Job Corps Center. For the last 12 years, while pastoring his second church, he has been leading Bible study groups at the juvenile prison, Lincoln Hills School.

The Christian and the Struggle for TruthTHE CHRISTIAN AND THE STRUGGLE WITH TRUTH is Pastor Scheels’s first book is written from the perspective of a pastor concerned for his people, in a conversational style with the layman in view. We live in an age when Christians accept and repeat popular ideas and concepts as truth, because they are popular. Popularity has become the criteria to determine what is truth rather than a simple investigation of the scriptures.

This book appeals to the Bible as it examines such topics as why do we sin, what is Satan doing, the nature of faith, the nature of prayer, the nature of a gospel witness, the reason God saves us, the nature of God’s judgment, and the relationship between love and truth. The struggle every child of God is involved in is a struggle with the truth. How we respond to the truth, or what we believe to be the truth, determines our responses to life’s situations. Step into this book and let your faith, your beliefs, be challenged.