Prey First Revised Edition by Mike Smitley

preycover1ISBN: 978-0-9779407-5-2

By Mike Smitley

In PREY, Allen Shear is a disgraced police detective who is trying to rebuild his life out of the shambles of a divorce, the loss of his job, the loss of his daughter’s respect and alcoholism.

He takes on a temporary bodyguard assignment in northern Idaho, hoping to start over and make some quick cash while avoiding bill collectors. While there, he becomes embroiled in a thirty-five year old murder investigation that engulfs him completely and thrusts him uncontrollably into a fight for his life in a wilderness where he is completely unprepared to survive.

Throughout the history of man, he has had to use his intelligence and cunning to survive in a world where the other members of the animal kingdom were far better equipped to kill and keep from being killed. As civilization advanced, we have become comfortable in a society where our safety and security is guaranteed by the laws of the land, and our only fear is of our fellow man.

But there are still areas of this country where, under the right circumstances, man can find himself at the bottom of the food chain. Without the advantage of firearms and cell phones, he faces predators that are faster, stealthier, stronger and better equipped to kill. Once the inborn fear of man is overcome, predators find that man is actually the easiest prey in the wilderness to kill. We are slower, weaker and have no sharp claws or teeth with which to defend ourselves. We have only our ingenuity and our fierce will to survive.

Absolutely captivating from cover to cover, PREY is a compelling survival story/mystery thriller that takes place in the remote wilderness of northern Idaho. This area incidentally happens to be the southern most region of the remaining grizzly bear habitat. Where they once roamed the entire United States, development and habitat encroachment has pushed them ever farther north until they now only inhabit small pockets of wilderness in the national parks and the northernmost parts of Montana and Idaho.

Author Mike Smitley has over thirty years of experience in law enforcement. With a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and a Master’s degree in Public Administration, he expertly combines both fields of study in this unforgettable page-turner. In a time when the dangers of the wilderness have been downplayed for the sake of tourism, Mike masterfully illustrates the complexity of cold murder investigation and how even the best of woodsmen can quickly become PREY. You’ll never look at the wilderness the same way again. Mike can be reached at




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“Absolutely fascinating book. Some of the most shocking sequences that I’ve ever read. Brilliant job.  Shari F. MO.

Another great job. I didn’t think you could turn out another page-turner like IMPLIED CONTRACT, but you did. Brent M. MO. 

I’ve lived around bears my whole life and didn’t think anyone could teach me anything new about them, but you did. I loved the book and couldn’t stop reading it until the end. Outstanding writing. Jim S. WI.

Mike, thank you for the book! Again it was great. I can’t get over how I don’t even like this kind of book and these books just captivate me and I cannot put it down. Am sharing it with my sisters also as they did enjoy the first book. Again Thanks!! Your Books ARE Great!!!!!!!!!! Judy K. MO





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