Publishing Services

Copy editing will help you catch simple oversights in grammar, spelling, or punctuation. Your manuscript will include smoother phrasing and finer points of style, however, you will retain all creative control and be responsible for the accuracy of the final product..

Mike Smitley will help you with word choice, clarity, phrasing, grammar and syntax.

Let’s face it, presentation, readability, professionalism and quality are everything. Grammatical errors and badly written materials can be embarrassing. Let Mike Smitley help you with all your copy editing needs. From documents, catalogues, manuals, letters, books to preparing effective sales copy, web content or marketing pieces, copy editing is a must!

Copy editing will improve the following:

  • Grammar
  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Capitalization
  • Sentence structure, clarity and conciseness
  • Word usage
  • Minor stylistic problems
  • Minor structural problems

Publishing services include assistance with manuscript editing, copyrighting, cover design, printing services, and marketing and distribution strategies. We can also help you with query letters for agents and publishers.

We also publish E-Books. Please see our E-Book Publication Page under the E-Book Tab on the Home page. Click the Icon to go there. e-book icon