Ruth Ford and Ross Reitz

ruth_ford_ross_reitzAuthors of: The So What Club

Besides participating in a women’s Bible journaling group, Ruth Ford writes devotionals for a leading Christian publication and has co-written several books about missions, as well as curricula for various age levels.  She earned a degree in Christian ministries from Asbury College, and a degree in magazine journalism from Regent University. Ruth visits many friends and sometimes wins (but usually loses) on-line Scrabble contests.  She’s been married for, like, forever. Four days each week, she walks the family “time share” dog.

Ruth’s brother Ross Reitz appears to be a vagabond, constantly resettling in various places along the east coast of the United States.  In the course of all those moves, Ross worked as a middle school teacher, and has pursued various and sundry educational degrees. He has been married for way less time than Ruth, and it’s his turn to walk the “time share” dog three days a week (unless he can get Ruth’s husband to do it for him).