Six Years’ Worth by Daniel Lance Wright

sixyearsworthISBN: 978-0-9779407-4-5

By Daniel Lance Wright  OUT OF STOCK

Nothing is more fascinating than a story of two souls finding one another in a harsh world. SIX YEARS’ WORTH brings together just such a pair. An unlikely friendship begins with a simple act of kindness from one human being to another.

The aging homeless man they call Pop leaves the streets of Chicago.  His only plan is to outrun another brutal northern winter.  He heads south.  He doesn’t care where, just warmer climes to the south.  The train he stows away on stops in the heart of Texas farming country. 

It’s an obscure little town, like so many scattered across the plains of Texas.  Why did he choose to get off in Green Meadow?  He couldn’t say.  But, he wonders.  For years he contemplated suicide, but never followed through on it.  Why?  He had no idea.  But, he wonders.

Then, Pop meets six-year-old Colt Bradshaw and, for the first time in over a quarter century, life begins to make sense again.  SIX YEARS’ WORTH of innate wisdom sets a new life’s course for Pop.

Daniel Lance Wright invites you to meet characters you already know by different names.  Extraordinary stories often spring forth from seemingly ordinary people.  SIX YEARS’ WORTH offers one of the most extraordinary.




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