Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in submitting a manuscript to Father’s Press. We do not work with Agents, but unrepresented authors may read on. We hope that the following comments and guidelines will assist you. Father’s Press has a very specific focus on the materials that it publishes, which included the following works:

Fiction (contemporary or historical) as long as the work does not espouse beliefs that are contrary to conservative Christian values. It is okay to mention other beliefs and values as part of the human experience, but the author should not use his/her work as a platform to promote them.

Non Fiction: Historical, reference, children’s books, biblical studies, theology, ethics, literature, religious history, regional history, cookbooks, and self-help and Christian counseling.

No fantasy, poetry, science fiction, non-Christian spirituality, psychology, textbooks or manuals.

If your manuscript contains scriptural quotes, please quote the scriptures from the King James Bible or the English Standard Version of the Bible. It is a revision of the first complete English translation, the Geneva Bible, which contained over 80% of the exact wording of the oldest English translated moral equivalent, the Tyndale Bible. The Geneva Bible was the first English translation to be translated entirely from the original languages of Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek. The KJB is generally considered the most accurate, trustworthy and reliable English translation. It has historically been blessed and used by God to spread His truth throughout the world. More current translations alter some text slightly, thereby altering the original context of the scripture to some degree. Since publishers have the same obligation as missionaries and pastors in the pulpit, which is to spread God’s word without altering it by so much as one word, this publisher prefers that quotes come from the KJB. If, however, your scriptural quotes are from another version, we will still consider it. We won’t consider Unity, New Age, Scientology, Mormon and Latter Day Saints or Jehovah Witness material.

To submit a manuscript, send the following:

  1. A query letter telling us what the book is about, for whom it is written, what distinguishes it from other books currently available on the subject, how long it is, and what your qualifications are for writing the book. We also ask that you tell us if you are submitting your material simultaneously to another publisher.
  2. A prospectus, table of contents, and perhaps an introduction and sample chapters. Or you may elect to send the entire manuscript. All manuscript material should be typed or printed out, double-spaced, on one side of the paper. If the work was prepared on a computer, we will request a copy of the disk only if the manuscript is accepted for publication.
  3. A self-addressed, stamped envelope if you wish to have the material returned. The post office will no longer accept packages weighing more than one pound without a metered stamp; if you send a manuscript and wish to have it returned, please send us a check for the postage required. Please send all correspondence to the Kingsville, MO. location.
  4. Please describe your promotional strategy and your commitment to your writing future. No literary work can achieve its full market potential without the dedicated effort of the author. Father’s Press will work hard to market your work, but no book will realize its full sales potential until it and its author are vigorously thrust before the public’s eye. If you are not sufficiently excited about your book to work tirelessly to promote it and yourself, please do not bother to contact us. Don’t worry if you do not have a marketing strategy. Marketing is a tough business to learn. We will help you develop a strategy. Just be fiercely committed to the years of shaking the bushes and knocking on the doors necessary to generate a fan base. Then be prepared to keep writing and turning out well-written literary works that will continue to feed the public’s desire for your books.

Manuscripts should be double-spaced with #12 easy to read font on white 8 1/2″ X 11″ paper. We try to answer all queries within four weeks of receipt. Manuscripts, of course, take more time, as long as several months if we are heavily backlogged or if we seek an outside reader’s opinion. We regret that the great volume of material we receive simply does not allow us to comment in detail on those manuscripts we are unable to accept.

E-BOOKS: E-Books are a great way to introduce your book to the world and test your marketing strategy and the book’s sales potential before investing in hard copy books. Father’s Press now publishes E-Books. To submit materials for E-Book publication, please first contact Father’s Press at 816-566-0654 or e-mail at for terms and conditions. Click Icon at right. e-book icon

Contact Mike Smitley at before submitting any manuscripts, queries or E-Book materials, or call (816) 566-0654. E-mail:

Father’s Press is listed in THE WRITERS MARKET and is a member of CSPN (Christian Small Publishers Association).