Terminal Justice

terminal-justiceISBN: 978-0-9825321-9-5

By Jack Branson

Suppose you could remove all consequences for your actions. What would you do to protect the innocent? How far would you go for justice?

What would it be like to take control of justice, doing whatever was necessary to get career criminals and sociopaths off the streets where our children walk? Then, at night, what would you tell yourself so you could sleep?

TERMINAL JUSTICE crosses a line most of us would never cross. It rips open our rawest emotions and lays them on the page, macabre yet familiar. It moves our darkest desires beyond anything we’d ever dream of doing and allows us to experience a borderless form of justice without risk.

TERMINAL JUSTICE is the story of highly trained but ordinary people who find themselves at a moment in life when they have nothing to lose by using their government training outside the law and following through on the impulses that sometimes surface in all of us.

It’s the story of an Assistant U.S. Attorney and seven federal agents who realize that no matter what they do, they won’t face life imprisonment or the death penalty. That realization triggers a desire to remedy the legal system’s weak and unfair decisions.

But justice is never clear cut, and it’s seldom easy. And in this instance, the feds are confident that they won’t face punishment because they won’t live long enough to go to trial.