The Christian and the Struggle With Truth

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By Pastor Charles Scheele

The great struggle that all believers are involved in is a struggle between good and evil.  But it is not a struggle of good deeds versus evil deeds, or being “Christian” versus a “non-Christian”, as is so commonly thought today.  It is a struggle between truth and deception.  This is where the real battle is being waged.  How we think determines the kind of choices we make.  What we understand to be true will determine the priorities that we set in our lives.

When it comes to dealing with sin, the purpose of our salvation, the reason for churches to hold services, the importance of the Bible, or even what defines one as a Christian, all these have a part in the real struggle that takes place in our world – the struggle between truth and deception.  This struggle, if we rightly understand it, should cause us to place a high value on the book we call the Bible.

There are some things running around in what is called evangelical Christianity that  are troubling to me.  These troubling “things” I believe are the result of either a lazy study of scripture, a desire for popularity, or just plain ignorance.  At any rate, they express what I call sloppy Christianity with no real concern for truth.  Originally, I wrote this as a response to these troubling things and then went through what I had written with my church. 

As a pastor it is my responsibility to lead the flock over which God has placed me as a pastor, in the way that He says we should go.  This would include what I teach my flock is God’s definition of the truth.  On Judgment Day God is not going to ask me if I was popular with the people or the community, but if I “earnestly contended for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints” (Jude 3).  After all, God has made His church “the pillar and ground of the truth”  (I Tim. 3:15).  I believe I would be a failure in the pastorate if I were not faithful to the truth.