The Laborers Are few

laborers-are-fewISBN: 978-0-9824982-2-4

We humans are happiest when we find a cause to support and set out to change the world. Sometimes such lofty and notions lead to disappointing complications and frustrations, but, nonetheless, we were created to help others and live a self-sacrificing life.

Life doesn’t seem fair when considering the immense human suffering in the world. I’ve often thought: There go I, but by the grace of God. Throughout my Christian journey and numerous mission trips abroad, I’ve been down many eye-opening paths. This rugged road has jarred my senses and challenged my faith because there is so much misery out there. Life really isn’t fair. As a wife and mother, I can’t imagine scrounging around for food to feed my family. Or not having access to running water.

Whenever I returned home from a mission trip to a third world country I’d feel guilty for several weeks. Each morning that I made my beautiful, solid-brass, king-size bed with its coordinated comforter and bed skirt, my life felt decadent compared to the meager living conditions I had just witnessed on a goodwill trip to an impoverished nation. I have learned to count my blessings.

Thankfully, our Bible believing churches reach out to help the homeless and usually support foreign missionaries. As Christians, most of us tithe and give additional offerings to help the poor and disadvantaged. Consequently, Christians are granted numerous opportunities to share the love of Jesus Christ by extending hands of mercy to those in need right within our own sphere of influence.