The Lost Mandate

lost-mandateby Dan’l C. Markham

The Lost Mandate is a clarion call to the Church for Christ-followers to man the battle stations to carry out this specific yet neglected commission of Christ as recorded in Luke 14:12-24. This is gut level, non-glamorous social and spiritual justice of the scary and lowly kind. Readers are dared to respond if they are willing to learn of the cost, to count the cost, and to pay the cost by joining Christ in fulfilling The Lost Mandate in reaching the world’s 1 billion people and their families who are affected by disability, the largest under-reached grouping of people in the world.

Surprisingly, the larger context to this mandate demonstrates how our weaknesses are God’s opportunity to bring the Gospel powerfully and effectively to an increasingly skeptical and disbelieving world, and how our own religious attitudes stand in the way of ministry to the marginalized.

Woven into the text are vignettes from the author’s incredible life story about the redemption of God through loss, pain, suffering and weaknesses, while reflecting his lifelong passion for evangelism and missions, especially to the marginalized – those very people to whom Jesus devoted most of His time and attention.