Trees of Eden

trees-of-eden by Fred Allen

Christians consistently decide what is good and evil based on their own knowledge and conscience instead of looking at or pointing people to Jesus Christ. Much of the time judgments follow their knowledge, and they condemn anyone and everyone they deem to be evil. When this happens, the life and actions of the Lord Jesus Christ are no longer the standard by which Christians live their lives. Christians are making all kinds of choices about good and evil without even considering what Jesus said and did. These decisions are resulting in divisions among Christian brothers and sisters, and even destruction of spiritual lives.

There are many who spend their time trying to find something or someone they can condemn and deem as evil. They often use terms like “I believe”, “I think,” “I feel”, “I know” something or someone is wrong. These decisions are made from their own choices of good and evil instead of what Jesus said and did. Christians should think like Christ, use God’s Word as the basis of judgment, and pray for godly wisdom and discernment in all situations.